HTML5 Video Test Page

This page uses the HTML5 Video Slideshow! You can adjust the settings on a per post/page basis. If you view this page on an iphone/ipad you’ll notice that the video doesn’t start automatically but you’ll see a big “play” icon on top of the content to start the video. The reason is that Apple blocks the autoplay feature for html5 videos and the user must start the playback manually. You can deactivate the big “play” icon though – then iphone users will just see the video preview thumbnail or you can reposition the play button.

Older browsers which don’t support HTML5 Videos will use a flash fallback (which requires the flash player) to display the video in the background. Note that some browser may act buggy if you want to display mixed content (images & videos in one slideshow). We noticed such a buggy behavior with the Chrome browser.